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From: Margaret Lawford <auntymog@yahoo.com>
To: riphear@aol.com
Sent: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 1:17 am

Subject: Re: Klang

Hi Rip

Thanks for getting back to me.

My Grandad's brother Philip Le Marquand was born in Guernsey in 1903, then moved to Jersey where the family was originally from.

As I said, I have an extract from 'A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey (Vol 2)' by LM Corbet, which has the entry in the ships log about the evacuation of troops from Saint Malo which reads as follows

''He (Philip) was introduced to the sea by his father and became a keen and highly-skilled yachtsman. In the 1930s he bought Klang, a 47 ft yawl, and it was aboard this vessel that he took part in the evacuation of troops from Saint Malo in June 1940. The entry in his ship's log for the 16th June reads:

'Arrived at Saint Malo at 6.15 a.m. Spent Monday and Tuesday morning ferrying to ships in roads. Officer commanding demolition party commenced at 2.15 p.m. Oil and petrol dump fired and lock gates blown up. Course N x E. 4.15 a.m. picked up J Gerrard whose engine was not functioning properly and took him in tow. At 5.30 p.m. saw signals of distress flying from Le Moroit. Launched the dinghy and took off two ratings and two women. Wind strong N x E. Arrived Saint Helier at 2.30 a.m. discharged passengers and made some soup. Cleaned up the ship and went home.'

After this experience he decided to evacuate his family to England before the Germans occupied the Island, and his wife, accompanied by two small children and expecting a third, travelled on one of the last boats to leave Saint Helier, a, collier, whilst he and several male friends sailed over in Klang.

He parted with Klang in 1960.''

Hope this is useful to you, please let us know of plans to sail Klang to Jersey, although I don't live there, I have many relations there.

Best Regards


Posted Saturday, 12/13/08

Hi! Am blown away to find this website!

My father, Murray L. Davis, and mother, Barbara M. Davis, purchased Klang II in 1966 and fitted her out in Woodbridge, England. I think that's where the "dog house" was added to create a place to steer out of the weather. We took her across to France. My parents deemed the North Sea and Atlantic storms too rough at that time of year, so some of us took a ship. Dad and crew sailed her across the Atlantic, with the family dog, Bosun, to join mum, my brother, Paul K. Davis, and me, Kate K. Davis in Trinidad. We had her hauled in St. Lucia and that's where she was painted black.

We lived aboard and sailed up the Caribbean, Bahamas, and ICW to Newport, RI for the 1967 America's Cup Races. Later, we moved to Mamaroneck, NY and dad went to work at Boating in NYC. Then he became the first editor of Sail magazine in Boston. We moved to Newport, RI. My parents decided to start a new magazine, Cruising World, and, voila, the family business began on the third floor of our house on Spring Street, a block up from the docks.

We sold Klang II to Keith (blast, I've forgotten his name) who was a later editor of Sail. She then changed hands and someone added the topmasts (not original) and chartered her around Martha's Vineyard and Long Island.

So, I have tons and tons of photos, some original paintings of Klang II, and many stories of living on board. My bunk was the starboard forward bunk next to the water tank. Did anyone ever find my scarab ring from Egypt that I dropped inside? FYI: The dinghy overturned on the fore deck is named Pinto and was bright red. She is now owned by Nim Marsh, a former contributing editor at Cruising World.

Kate Davis

Subject: Re: Klang history
From: "Bob&Carole" <lordnlady@charter.net>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008

Wanted to let you know, that Pop Newman, who crewed on her in 1940, passed away a week ago in the Isle of Jersey. He was 103 and will be sadly missed. Your guest book section on your site is not working correctly, so I used your e-mail instead. Bo Horwell

From: Charles Linsell charles-fiona@supanet.com
69, Kings Barn Lane, Steyning, West Sussex, England, UK, BN44 3YR
Date:  03/21/06, 11:57 AM

I spent five very happy years as crew (sometimes the only crew!) on Klang from 1961-66 in the time of John Robinson's ownership. I also spent a great deal of time on her maintenance and there are not many places from the top of the mast (varnished annually whilst stepped) to the bottom of her keel that I have not poked at, patched, preserved and painted or polished. Wonderful to know that the old girl is being well looked after; I lost track of her many years ago. I will definitely look her up if I am ever in NY.

From: c-shell@hotmail.co.uk 
Date: 03/16/06 Time: 06:42 AM

I was delighted to come across your site while browsing the internet. My father John Robinson was once an owner (I can't belive you even have his registration document!) but unfortunately he died 2 years ago. Although very young at the time I have many happy memories of holidays sailing from Aldeburgh, Suffolk across the Channel to Holland, Belguim and France. I believe I even learnt to walk whilst on board! If you are interested I may be able find some old photos. I still live near and sail near Aldeburgh.

From: Mick Hart, mickhart@homecall.co.uk 
Date: 02/13/06 Time: 03:32 PM

If I am not mistaken, Klang II was owned/kept for a number of years on the River Alde in Suffolk, England when I was a lad, during the late 1950s. She was then painted white and looked as she did in the Jersey photo. I remember well my mother saying to Jumbo Ward (a boatman at Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh), as Klang sailed by: "What that boat, Jumbo?" to which he replied: "That Ma'm is a yaaawl Ma'm called Klaaang Ma'm."

"I thought I should tell you that the Klang II did not take part in the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 she was in fact in Jersey at the time and took part in the evacuation of Allied troops from the port of St Malo. The St Helier Yacht club provided 19 boats for this and in recognition for this the yacht club was awarded the honour of flying a defaced red ensign. Only 18 yacht clubs around the world are allowed this and St Helier is the only one which has been awarded the flag as a battle honour. Of the four men who crewed her in June 1940 only Pop Newman is still alive. If you want any more details of the evacuation of St Malo and Klang II's part in it e-mail me at the above address.

Best wishes

Doug Ford
Head of Community Learning
Jersey Heritage Trust"

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Vincent Chandran <vincent_chandran@yahoo.com>   
Royal Selangor Yacht Club
Port Klang, Selangor
Date: 12/05/04 Time: 02:07 AM

I was born in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.  I am a member of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Port Klang. They have their website. It was good to see Klang elsewhwere in the world.I am sure that my club will love to hear from you.  Or if anyone is sailing to Malaysia should stop by and be our guests.  I am a graduate student at American University, Was DC. Cheers to Klang!!

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